Our telecom solutions help service providers operate safely, meeting standards and providing aerial data integrated with proprietary systems


Because of the height of antennas, it is difficult for technicians to carry out inspections. Then, human inspection requires a lot of equipment, such as platforms, cranes and climbing apparatus.
This makes the operations hazardous, expensive and time-consuming.


  • Efficient, safe and fast inspections
  • Two ground operators control a drone and its sensors in total safety. No additional equipment required.
  • Sensors on the drone enable fast, highly detailed inspections in complete safety with no need to shut down the RBSs.
  • Ultraviolet, visible and thermal images allow us to determine the working conditions of systems and to evaluate the asset integrity
  • The entire network may be inspected easily and quickly
  • Custom solutions are designed and set up to meet the needs of each inspection

We provide:

  • Cell tower inspections
  • Topographical surveys of radio base stations
  • Photo detection of any structural damage
  • Photo detection of any antenna damage
  • Photo detection of the number of installed items
  • Photo detection of exposure angles
  • 3D rendering for CAD software to process engineering calculations of static, dynamic and structural analyses
  • Photographic and video capture with thermal imaging to quickly check status of connections, which if worn or damaged, are immediately displayed as hot spots
  • Reproduction of the local territory in a GIS environment using information drawn from geo-referenced geographic data, for
  • future installation of new stations.


  • Inspections with no need to shut down the RBSs.
  • Faster and less costly inspections
  • Easy repetition of measurements
  • Greater control over asset integrity
  • Reduced risk factors and better safety conditions for operators
  • High quality images
  • Technical reports from inspections performed during operations provide failure prevention maintenance programs based on component deterioration