Structural Inspections

Inspections with infrared technology and laser scanners for checking structural integrity

Thermal imaging and laser scanners are extremely effective, non-invasive methods for monitoring the condition of buildings and
finding solutions for any structural defects.
Thermography is the most effective non-destructive inspection method providing excellent results. The possibility of evaluating small temperature differences detected by thermal imaging enables the clear identification of the causes of problems before they become critical. Thermographic surveys capture thermal images of irregularities caused by localized defects or damage, the identification of the problem and the prevention of catastrophes.
By scanning the surrounding environment with 3D laser scanners, real-time coordinates may be generated for a specific set of points, to build CAD and GIS format graphic models.


  • High-definition images
  • Thermal imaging
  • Laser scanner surveys

What we provide:

  • Inspections of structural components
  • Visual inspections of pillars and motorway overpasses
  • Visual inspection of the structural integrity of bridges
  • Building inspections
  • Visual inspections of roofs, roofing, lightning rods
  • Thermal inspections for energy certification and defective roof waterproofing
  • Detection of thermal bridges in building casings
  • Visual inspections of scaffolding, platforms and cranes
  • Three-dimensional reproduction in CAD
  • Reproduction of the local territory in a GIS environment using information drawn from geo-referenced geographic data



Advantages for our clients:

  • Reduced survey time and costs
  • Fast, easy hazardous site inspection
  • Completely safe operations 
  • No infrastructure required for inspections or surveys
  • Quick, flexible and repeatable operations
  • Greater control over infrastructure status
  • Integration of CAD data for internal structural analysis
  • Geo-referenced representations of entire structures in GIS format with the possibility of easily identifying coordinate and distance measurements, as well as displaying temperature measurements