Architecture & Topography

Our aerial surveys provide fast and easy data acquisition for monitoring and protecting archaeological heritage sites

Our special software allows the processing of drone generated images providing geo-referenced 3D reconstructions, thus allowing better maintenance works planning. This is highly useful for aerial topographical and architectural surveys.
By using distributed control points on terrain and special software it is possible to obtain high precision geometrical data. Post-production generates orthographic images that can be imported into CAD or GIS software to produce useful data for terrain mapping, 3D plant modeling, work progress review.

Our aerial surveys are useful for:

  • HD video and image acquisition
  • Thermographic inspections
  • Multispectral inspections
  • Laser scanner inspections
  • Land Registry
  • 3D data acquisition in CAD and GIS formats for plants, regions and cities modeling
  • Ortho-photo generation
  • Cartography
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Identification of archaeological remains
  • Virtual reconstructions of archaeological sites
  • Cultural heritage inspections
  • Processing of images: geo-referencing, extraction of Digital Terrain Models, map data corrections, inspection of specific points
  • Processing photo-cartographic information for the creation of thematic maps and three-dimensional models


  • Rapid detection
  • Lower costs
  • Personal safety
  • Portability to any site
  • High accuracy
  • Reaching inaccessible places
  • Non-destructive operations
  • Virtual modeling
  • Fast processing of results
  • Integration with corporate GIS and CAD formats by returning information from geographical and geo-referenced data to perform the processing of engineering calculations such as static, dynamic and structural analysis