Drones enable inspections in highly complex contexts while maintaining extremely high accuracy

Potential results made possible by drone solutions are remarkable. Just consider how easy it is to obtain information of any kind (in particular environmental parameters) quickly, remotely, repeatedly, with coverage of large areas, with greater objectivity and precision and also with greater overall economy compared to conventional survey and detection methods.

To meet these needs we offer the best solutions in terms of time, cost, amount of data collected and repeatability. Recording the trajectory followed during the flight mission allows the same route  to be repeated time after time, enabling multi-temporal data analyses of the same area.


Monitoring of rivers and other water courses

With aerial thermal image filming, thermal pollution caused by water coming from power and industrial plants may be monitored along with the temperature of lagoons.

Geology and hydrology

Analysis of rock walls to identify zones of accumulated humidity, highly fractured areas or those with large rock masses becoming detached from the parent surface.

Monitoring of dumps

The main reason for thermographic investigation is to assess the containment of biogas within the dumping area.

Monitoring of volcanic craters

Infrared images display the status of craters through any smoke.


What we provide:

  • HD video and image acquisition
  • Thermographic inspections
  • Multispectral inspections
  • Laser scanner inspections
  • Land inspection, mapping and monitoring
  • Design and development of solutions for land management at different scales and resolutions
  • Coastal mapping and surveillance
  • Fire prevention and management
  • Investigations in the photovoltaic field
  • Communications, telemetry and video transmission
  • Database management
  • Drafting of detailed technical specifications
  • 2D and 3D CAD/GIS renderings integrating subsets from cartography and geo-referenced data