Our surveys provide complete solutions for precision farming


With the joint use of spatial data acquired by the drone, point data (air, plant, soil) and correct agronomic interpretation, it is possible to achieve better management of resources and agricultural equipment, lower raw material costs, increased environmental protection and optimization of the product (yield and quality).

The post-processing of information allows different agronomic models to be obtained for different crops highlighting pathologies or other types of plant stress.

We integrate the results of the post-processing into GIS systems. Ability to analyze results with highly detailed precision maps.


What we provide:

  • HD video and image acquisition
  • Thermographic inspections
  • Multispectral inspections
  • Laser scanner inspections
  • Monitoring vegetation health based on biophysical parameters and vegetation indices (NDVI)
  • Classification of vegetation types
  • Vegetation characterization
  • Vegetation Index maps
  • Monitoring of fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide use
  • Optimization of the efficiency of crop plants with the soil temperature surveys
  • Optimization of pruning and harvesting detecting best periods using crop conditions
  • Crop identification
  • Paleochannel identification
  • Maps for precision fertilization
  • Irrigation uniformity control
  • Monitoring of irrigation canals
  • Large silo inspection
  • Visible/thermal monitoring for precision viticulture
  • Check presence of water/moisture in terrain
  • 2D and 3D renderings in GIS format


  • Better management
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Accurate and detailed inspections
  • Ability to make strategic plans based on results