Video Surveillance

Solutions using different types of drones and high definition cameras enable large site monitoring for security purposes


Drones fitted with visible and infrared light cameras with GPS offer the advantage of reaching areas not easily accessible to people on the ground.

Drones permit fast surveys of large areas and immediate identification of any situations potentially detrimental to the security of the site. Surveillance drones may thus be used for the patrolling and surveillance of buildings and plants.


Our solutions apply to surveys, monitoring and inspection in the following fields:

  • Trade and industry
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Energy distribution
  • Ports and borders
  • Production sites
  • Work progress monitoring in building sites


  • Ready availability
  • Low cost
  • Regular and easily repeatable inspections
  • Rapid inspection of very large sites
  • No danger for operators
  • Access to difficult and unreachable places for man
  • Real-time control of procedures
  • Easy data sharing
  • Integration with CAD and GIS data for internal analyses