Data management

Document management allows the storing of documents electronically and managing them from their creation to consultation. An orientation towards computerized document management enables companies to gain immediate benefits: organization of their documents in a logical way, search speed, optimization of costs of paper and printing of documents, reducing physical space needed, fast and optimized consultation. Analysis of forecasts in terms of repeatability of operations and failure analysis.



The reference standards for the use of UAV systems that must be used is that of the country in which flight operations are performed. In Italy, ENAC law applies (Italian Civil Aviation Authority). Seikey has permission from the Civil Aviation Authority as an operator to perform critical and mixed missions, risk analyses, drafting operation manuals and matching statements, sending appropriate documents to the relevant authority.


Seikey uses only certified personnel according to international standards to provide detailed and reliable valuations.

ISO 18436Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Level I

ISO 9712 - Non-destructive testing - Qualification and certification of NDT personnel - Level II

Responsability and insurance

Seikey Srl owns the insurance policies for the development of Italian and foreign assets, from third parties, appropriate to flight missions and not below the ceilings imposed at a European level, in addition to fully comprehensive instrumentation in use. Therefore, we have total responsibility for the operations.


Our pilots

Seikey employs a team of highly experienced pilots who have piloted drones under many operating situations, both on Italian and foreign missions. The team has obtained theoretical and practical certification by an organization recognized by ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) to fully comply with duties and responsibilities. They also possess second class medical certificates according to the Civil Aviation Authority Regulations “Health Organization and medical certification of suitability for aeronautical licenses and certificates”.
Staff regularly attends training courses on SAPR, to improve their understanding of the hardware and software with the aim of safer flying.


Assistance - Management & control

The company provides customer support by providing technical/operational information, managing and controlling all missions from the field and its headquarters ensuring safe conditions.