TIM and SEiKEY agreement

The new services will use drones connected to TIM’s latest generation mobile network and cloud computing platforms



TIM and SEiKEY have just signed an agreement with the objective of identifying and validating new applications that will integrate TIM’s cloud computing and 4G mobile connectivity with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, commonly known as drones), which fly with no pilot aboard.

This partnership will lead the way to finding new technological and business opportunities in this market segment, with the objective of developing solutions that can transmit data from the drones to cloud computing infrastructure on TIM’s 4G mobile network. This cooperative endeavour anticipates the creation of a new two-way communications system between the UAV’s autopilot and the ultra-broadband network, thus enabling latest generation services whilst making the drone’s connection to the control centre continuous.

The development programme was created, in cooperation with the Turin Polytechnic, by the TIM “CRAB” Joint Open Lab in Turin.

As a direct product of the joint operations shared by TIM and SEiKEY, systems giving rise to new models and services will be created for our future smart cities and the Internet of Things. Some examples are, environmental monitoring, maintenance of industrial installations, smart agriculture applications, as well as solutions enabling the safety and reliability of drones to be improved during their missions.

TIM is Telecom Italia Group’s only brand operating in this market, using a shared-value strategy for the company and the community by offering fixed and mobile telephone services, as well as Internet, digital content and cloud services. TIM, enabler of the most innovative information and communications technologies, is accompanying Italy toward the breakthrough of full digitalization, thanks to the creation of its ultra-broadband network infrastructure and to the distribution of innovative services.

SEiKEY Srl is a company specialised in technological solutions through the application of professional drones for aerial surveying using visible light, topographic, thermographic and gas finder sensors. The services SEiKEY offers range from survey, detection and data processing using dedicated software, protected data collection, management, preservation and reporting, ENAC standards compliance and customer assistance. Our objective is to replace manned activities with drones, which are faster, more efficient, safer and much less expensive.


Rome, 9 August 2016


TIM Official Website http://www.telecomitalia.com/tit/it/archivio/media/note-stampa/market/2016/TIM-SEiKEY-accordo-sviluppo-soluzioni-innovative-droni.html


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