Context Capture

Knowing the existing conditions of a project is a key factor in any decision-making process. Governments need to know more about their territories, through mapping operations. Infrastructure owners want to survey and inspect their assets. Project delivery companies need to plan and monitor their actions and report to their clients. This software is able to quickly reconstruct a 3D models at any scale from digital photographs. You can quickly create and use these highly detailed models to provide accurate real-world contexts for the design, construction, and operational decisions for use throughout the project life cycle. The three-dimensional reproduction can then be integrated into any CAD and GIS workflow. Design support CAD systems aim toward the creation of three-dimensional models of artefacts. This allows processing of engineering calculations such as static dynamic and structural analyses.

A GIS is a computerized information system that enables the acquisition, storage, analysis, visualization, and the return of information from geo-referenced geographic data.



  • Generation of accurate geo-referenced 2D and 3D models using a wide variety of GIS formats, including ortho-photos and aero triangulation
  • Generation of 3D CAD models using a wide variety of CAD formats, including multi-resolution meshes, 3D neutral formats, digital elevation models, digital terrain models, and clouds of dense 3D points
  • Conversion of point clouds into precise geometric patterns
  • Integration of point clouds with engineering models
  • Integration with geo-referenced data (GPS) to coordinate measurements, distances, areas and volumes
  • Measurement of the volume to be removed in mining
  • 3D inspections of structural conditions
  • Inspections of gearbox trim infrastructure
  • Automatic creation of cartographic maps


  • Reduced inspection costs 
  • Large sites can be displayed for fast inspections 
  • No technician intervention needed at inspection site 
  • Integrate findings for strategic engineering decisions

Software Termografici

Inprotec IRT

Irt Analyzer 4.8

Research and development and report generation

IR images easily linked to corresponding visible images to create high-quality reports and templates suited to meet customer requirements.


  • Measure temperature points
  • Auto-detect hot and cold spots
  • View temperature profile along a selected line
  • View 3D thermal images
  • Isotherm identification
  • Merging of infrared and visible images

Inprotec IRT

Irt Cronista

Analysis and generation of thermographic survey reports

This software provides easy to read reports to customers that qualify and quantify thermographic survey results, enabling threshold levels to be determined for implementation of suitable corrective measures. Customers can perform temperature analyses, thermal profiles and areas on each point, automatically pinpointing hot spots showing issues to be dealt with. Special features to simultaneously compare temperature analyses and trends from different images are also included.




  • Automatic generation of thermographic inspection reports for ease of sharing. 
  • Detailed thermal analysis as multi-point measurements, temperature profiles, analysis areas, identifying hot spots, dew points and simultaneous analysis of different thermal images with adjustable zoom. 
  • Easy link between infrared and visible images.

Inprotec IRT

Irt Stitch 2.0

Composition of thermal images

Using this software, images are processed to merge multiple thermal images into a single radiometric thermal image composition. Creates high resolution images of the entire subject, by building a mosaic of several infrared images.




  • Image editing: Temperature Scale, Rotation and Perspective 
  • Image composition (mosaic) 
  • Image overlay 
  • Image fusion 
  • Collage of IR and visible images