FLIR A65 Thermographic Sensor

Professional THERMAL IMAGER - FLIR A65

Thermal images are used throughout the world for a wide range of applications and the monitoring of continuous processes.
Thermal imaging can easily acquire data on the quality of products and/or on production efficiency, which would be difficult or impossible to acquire using conventional means such as thermocouples or visible light cameras.
Ideal solution for those applications that require the flexibility and benefits of thermal imaging.
The sensor performs inspections from a distance without disturbing systems.
It detects and displays the heat generated from the framed target in real time.
Non-contact temperature measurement.
It helps to identify and locate problems/anomalies.

Technical data

  • Excellent image quality 
  • Very compact
  • Easy to control
  • Extreme sensitivity <50mK 
  • IR Resolution: 640x512 pixels


Acquisition system

Thermal images and sequence of radiometric images

  • High thermal resolution: <0.05°C
  • Recording of radiometric films on microSD
  • Recording of single radiometric images
  • Image recording with GPS coordinates


Images are easy to analyze for the creation of clear presentations
  • Setting of acquisition parameters
  • Image preview
  • Thermal point/line/area analysis
  • Creation of reports in PDF and MS Word
  • Histograms and trends
  • Conversion into numerical data